We Coach During the Process

When you select OMS as your business partner, you’ll gain significant value through our coaching approach to the work we’ll do together.

Our approach to coaching was developed by our Founder and CEO Sean Redmond.  He has worked internationally as an Executive and Organisational coach, and knows the business value gained through high-quality coaching.  He has also watched other organisations results drop off after making the decision to work with untrained coaches.

For us, coaching means having a large set of tools, knowledge, skills and experiences that can be used to help another person grow.  Often, this growth relates directly to the work we are doing with you, but the value can also extend to personal development and relationships outside of work.

One of the critical aspect to our coaching approach, is how we use questions.  We will invest a significant amount of time crafting the right question for someone we are working with.  We have seen the power and value of asking the right question, which is why we focus on it.

It’s been said that leaders do not ask enough questions and generally, this is true.  But the quality of the questions asked (by leaders especially) determine the quality of the answers provided. 

You have an opportunity to improve business performance by helping your leaders understand what a great question is; how to craft them and when to use them.  

Members of the OMS team, have extensive experience coaching at all levels of an organisation.  We understand the business priorities and accountabilities at different organisational levels and across different functional areas.

Our coaching approach is unique and will add significant value to your team and business.